Arc Beauty Salon. This infomercial was produced with real clients of the establishment! The only thing scripted was the voice over narrative. Everything else is impromptu. The testimonials were 100% authentic. The salon has a lot to offer its clients and we wanted to cover as much as possible in the limited opportunity that we had for filming.

E-Z Mount Coin Sorter. An inventor asked me to produce a promotion for his coin sorter. His invention is also a promotional device. We did it with graphics and music to drive the essential message for his marketing campaign. This effort got overwhelming positive reviews from the local business community.

Corporate Event Video. This entire event was shot with a single camera, as per the request of the client. Used a high definition wide angle lens. It's very difficult to shoot anything this way. Every shot must count.

Baby Hats. An extremely talented crochet artist asked me to produce this video showcasing 360º views of her baby hats. Over 50 different baby hats are featured. This video used green screen technology including advanced retro-reflective green screen technology to produce. It involved a lot of tricky chroma keying.

Lapdog Jackets. The artist needed to present some samples of her outstanding hand-knit lapdog jackets. We produced this video for her on the fly.

Marconi Bros. This is an professional editing project I did for a Comedy Central series. I was provided a pile of clips and cut it to make logical sense out of it and also maximize what comedic value could be derived therefrom. The background music was added during the editing process. This was cut on the Avid editing platform.

Logo and Title Enhancement. This is a short sampler to demonstrate how logos and titles can be animated to make them more visually appealing and dynamic.

Wedding Video Demo Reel. The wedding was scheduled in the fall season so we took that and made it a key part of the theme. The music is timed to the cuts.