My mission is to provide high quality professional video with outstanding production values on a budget.
Howard Brodsky
We know that professional equipment is the starting point for quality professional results. That is why we do not use linear tape technology. We shoot everything to digital media drives or solid state flash memory RAID cards - the most advanced recording storage available today. This allows us to record securely and for many hours on set. When you gather more content you are assured to have a better quality deliverable for your clients.
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We also employ specialized high definition multi-media recording systems so that we can offer extreme close-ups of very small graphics, print, transparencies (including medical material) and small objects. We ca enlarge these materials by 64x magnification and record it in progressive frame high definition.
We can provide professional backdrops for our productions. We also employ advanced retro-reflective Green Screen technology that enables us to perform very elaborate FX in post production, keying presenters into any location or even fantastic backgrounds. This technology is especially useful for training videos, where the introduction of graphics around the presenters is a helpful instructional tool.
We use professional Lowel tungsten lighting. We can bring over 3000 W of tungsten lighting to a remote set for a wonderful warm look. We use professional gels, black foil, scrims, reflectors and other technical lighting tools to achieve an interesting and visually appealing look. We also offer on-camera Kelvin-adjustable LED lighting for consistent looks in motion.
We use high quality Audio Technica microphones, transmitters and receivers. We offer clip on lavalieres, over the ear lavalieres, hand-held microphones and sound booms with shotgun microphones. These are employed as necessary to produce the best sound and look regardless of the set environment.
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All content is professionally edited on leading professional editing platforms. Encoding and mastering is performed in our post-production studio. We offer fully authored DVDs, with disc and cover artwork, Blu-ray discs, web files and mobile device files with menus.
Mass produced DVDs with artwork, booklets/inserts, UPC/ISBN coding, Amaray cases, shrink wrapping - ready for retail - is available.